Friday, October 12, 2012

Without Half Full there would be no Vintage Girl Studios

Last weekend VGS had the pleasure to work with ladies attending a "Women's Forward" (as opposed to a Retreat) with Half Full at the Historic Publick House Inn in Sturbridge MA. Half Full is a wonderful company that helps businesses and individuals overcome obstacles to move forward professionally and personally.
Without Half Full there would be no Vintage Girl Studios.

I met Half Full's Rebecca Twitchell in early 2010. My husband had done some work with her and suggested that the two of us meet. At the time I was a crossroads professionally (though I didn't yet realize it) and was trying to find that elusive balance between my professional and my personal life. I loved what I was doing, but was having conflict with my co-workers to the point that It was starting to effecting me physically and emotionally. 
I remember our meeting so well as she listened intently to my story.  Then she asked me the question I needed to hear. "Why can't you go on your own?  What is holding you back?  If you are so passionate, why stop?"
I had week of soul searching.  Questioning whether if I changed this or that maybe I could keep on working things out with everyone. Then in a moment of clarity, I could hear Rebecca's questions and I knew that I had the answers.  YES. I can do this. I will start over. I will get organized.  Then my strategic plan fell in to place.
With the love and support of my wonderful husband Christian, I moved on and Vintage Girl Studios was born.
Rebecca is still a wonderful cheerleader as my business has grown. Last weekend was the first time we worked together professionally and I know the women who attended this Forward went away energized and excited.

Thank you Nickle Baby Studios and Styling by Bombshell Beauties. We were able to show the ladies that evening a slideshow of the images that were taken that day. 

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