Friday, July 1, 2011

The Boston Baby Dolls

Vintage Girl Studios had the pleasure of working with The Boston Baby Dolls this spring for their upcoming traveling production of Madame Burlesque: A Tribute to The Legends.

The legends of burlesque are still amongst us in spirit. The Boston Babydolls Burlesque are re-creating a magical evening that never was, as classic burlesque performances are re-imagined and created fresh for modern audiences. See burlesque from high art (a Sally Rand inspired bubble dance en pointe) to low comedy, with all of the glamour, glitz, and sizzle of a night at Minsky's (without the raid). With new set pieces, costumes, and takes on original tunes, this steamy evening will have your pulse-pounding.

Madame Burlesque Tour Dates

July 8 - 16
Cambridge YMCA Theatre
Cambridge, MA
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July 22 & 23
Lucid Stage
Portland, ME
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July 29 & 30
Hooker-Dunham Theatre & Gallery
Brattleboro, VT
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You can support Madame Burlesque by making a donation at Kickstarter!
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