Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Updated Wardrobe

When Vintage Girl Studios began almost six years ago We had a very small wardrobe. VGS grew and our wardrobe grew from finds and donations. Thank you you ladies who have contributed to the happiness of others that have graced our studio.
 Once a session is booked  at the studio we send our clients a questionnaire and a link to view our wardrobe online. I realized that it hadn't been updated in some time and wanted to show off the wonderful items  that we have now.

  We have also partner with Penny Lane a new designer for a custom separates. Check out our video on FAQs about Wardrobe.

We have been behind on our Blogging this year. So many wonderful clients and events. Check out our Facebook and Instagram to keep up with us lately.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Roaring Twenties Party and Tintypes.

We had such a great summer preparing for the Roaring Twenties Party at the Crane Estate.  We spent a few weeks afterward in the darkroom insuring that we would get the best tintype for our clients. We are so excited for this event for next year that will be on a Saturday. We loved working with our vintage camera and it brought us back to our grass roots and got us out of the computer chair this summer. If you would like to see more images of this amazing day check out our Facebook page.

We are going further into study of tintype photography this fall and will keep you posted of our adventure.We will be offering in the studio from now on in addition to our other sessions. We are also will be offering tintype at a few events in 2016.
Check out our tintypes gallery.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tin Type Portraits at Vintage Girl Studios


A tintype, also known as a melainotype or ferrotype, is a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal coated with a dark lacquer or enamel and used as the support for the photographic emulsion. Tintypes enjoyed their widest use during the 1860s and 1870s, but lesser use of the medium persisted into the early 20th century and it has been revived as a novelty in the 21st.
Tintype portraits were at first usually made in a formal photographic studio, like daguerreotypes and other early types of photographs, but later they were most commonly made by photographers working in booths or the open air at fairs and carnivals, as well as by itinerant sidewalk photographers.

We are so excited to announce the addition of tintype portraiture here at Vintage Girl Studios. We have seen a revival of tintype photography with Victoria Will's celebrity portraits at the Sundance Film Festival last year. Vintage Girl Studios always strives to offer our clients unique, interesting, cutting-edge choices and this spring we have decided get out the the computer chair and go back to the grass roots of mechanical vintage cameras and emulsion based photography. It has been much trial and error, but we believe that our effort is definitely worth it.  We hope you'll agree!

Tintype photography produces truly one-of-a-kind hauntingly beautiful art.

We will be debuting this offering at The Crane Estate Roaring Twenties Party with  mini sessions on Sunday, August 2nd.

We are offering three event sessions:

Tintype Package One - $55

  • One 4x5 Tin
  • Digital File of Tin
  • 8x10 print of Tin

Tintype Package Two - $40

  • One 4x5 Tin

Polaroid Portrait Package - $25

In the spirit of one-of-a-kind artwork, we also offer a 3x5 Polaroid Print taken with a Vintage Camera

Sessions are limited. We encourage you to pre-book your event session now.
When you pre-book a session you will be given a specific time during the event and receive a text 15 minutes before your session.

If you have have any questions regarding our sessions please email us at

Check out our new Tintype gallery on our Main Website.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dixieland Cruise

Last week I had the pleasure of going to Rowes Warf in Boston before the Greater Boston Vintage Society's  Dixieland Cruise set off. I have been working on a very underground project that will be announced next week to the public.  I was testing this project in the field. I did snap some regular images also. Thank you everyone who posed for me! Checkout the entire album on our FB Page.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Soul Searching.

Ladies and Gents.

 We have busy here at the studio and have asked you survey questions about you needs and wants. Your dislikes and likes. Luckily we have had thick skin and took your comments through our online survey to heart and is ready to roll in the rest of the new year with a plan.

Changes in the studio.


1. If you book a Rhinestone, Pearl, and Diamond packages we have included more digital files with the session.


2.We have added Studio Gift to our Rhinestone, Pearl, and Diamond packages


3. We have Re Vamped our Group sessions.


Group Session $399 (Minimum 4 guests/each additional guest $50)

  •  Lips and Lashes Application
  •   Studio Gift for each guest
  •   Quick Vintage hair styling
  •  Group photo session
  •   6 Logoed photographer choice Digital files of Group photos
  •    BTS Video
  •  Session takes 2-3hrs

 4. Theme Set Days/Mini Sessions starting at $100

 Holiday Theme Days

    Halloween 10/11/2015
    Holiday      11/8/15
    Valentine    1/10/15

Also we wanted to address some email issues we have had lately. If we do not respond to your email in 24hrs Please call or text our studio. 617.504.9087  Also we sometimes never get FB messages. Please call or Email the studio.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Summer is on the way!!!!

We have been so excited for this summer. Our spring has been busy with sessions and project planning.
Many movie projects and events are in the works.  We loved this session because it was the first of many sessions upcoming.   Spring and Summer  are the perfect time for a pin-up shoot.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Vintage Girl Studios!

Five years ago I closed my photography boutique store front and ten years of hard work to start transitioning my traditional portrait studio into Vintage Girl Studios. Through other projects I found my passion and purpose in  vintage glamour photography. My excitement of the endless creativity and  collaborations has me still going today!
I don't celebrate myself or business enough but, I feel this is a big milestone year.  Vintage Girl Studios is still here creating. It looks like we will be here for many years to come.  Five years ago I was very scared, nervous, and determined. My mind was telling me this is not a good time (Having young children) to start this en devour. My heart and husband told me to stop doubting and keep moving.

I wanted to share one of our first sessions with you. Doreen Ise of  Rosebud Salon Providence is one of the most amazing people I know and admire. Thank you for your love and support through the years. This session is also the first time I worked with talented Simony Resende. Simony is still one of the stylist  here at Vintage Girl Studios.

I also wanted to Thank Rebecca Twitchell of Half Full, Ashley Maclean, Caliegh Boudreau, Melanie Lacy, Liz Paonessa, and everyone we have worked with. Kristen Minsky for being the first creative session at The Lippitt Museum.
I need to Thank Jessica Jackson for being a great graphic designer, Idea Bouncer, and listening ear when times were really hard. Thank you Jennifer DeCesari for letting me know I was doing it all wrong and then set me straight. Wish you still lived here. Thank you to all my logo models Doreen, Holly, Leah, Dee Dee, Amelia, and Krystin.
I Love to Thank the love of my life Christian and family for their support through these years.
Most of All I Thank every client and collaboration I have worked with. I really love you all. 







Monday, March 2, 2015

Proctor Mansion Inn 2015

This winter we had the pleasure of working with Proctor Mansion Inn for a day of sessions. If you are interested in 1920s sessions I highly recommend that our annual January Session would be amazing for you. Miss Ashley was our amazing stylist for the day.
Check out the day.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Are you planning on having a session in 2015. Would you like to be locked in our current rates? Book your future session from today until the end of February and receive $50 off your deposit. Email us for more details!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello 2015!!!!

We have had such a busy 2014 and are So excited for 2015. We announced on January 1st the Lovely Thespian Kristyn Youngblood as our 2015 Website Cover model.  We connected to Kristyn through The New England Shakeup 's Cherry Dollface/ Bomber Betty sessions. We look forward to working with her again this year!

So many wonderful things planned. We have great collaborations in different parts of the US.  Keep posted to see what we are up to.