Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Vintage Girl Studios!

Five years ago I closed my photography boutique store front and ten years of hard work to start transitioning my traditional portrait studio into Vintage Girl Studios. Through other projects I found my passion and purpose in  vintage glamour photography. My excitement of the endless creativity and  collaborations has me still going today!
I don't celebrate myself or business enough but, I feel this is a big milestone year.  Vintage Girl Studios is still here creating. It looks like we will be here for many years to come.  Five years ago I was very scared, nervous, and determined. My mind was telling me this is not a good time (Having young children) to start this en devour. My heart and husband told me to stop doubting and keep moving.

I wanted to share one of our first sessions with you. Doreen Ise of  Rosebud Salon Providence is one of the most amazing people I know and admire. Thank you for your love and support through the years. This session is also the first time I worked with talented Simony Resende. Simony is still one of the stylist  here at Vintage Girl Studios.

I also wanted to Thank Rebecca Twitchell of Half Full, Ashley Maclean, Caliegh Boudreau, Melanie Lacy, Liz Paonessa, and everyone we have worked with. Kristen Minsky for being the first creative session at The Lippitt Museum.
I need to Thank Jessica Jackson for being a great graphic designer, Idea Bouncer, and listening ear when times were really hard. Thank you Jennifer DeCesari for letting me know I was doing it all wrong and then set me straight. Wish you still lived here. Thank you to all my logo models Doreen, Holly, Leah, Dee Dee, Amelia, and Krystin.
I Love to Thank the love of my life Christian and family for their support through these years.
Most of All I Thank every client and collaboration I have worked with. I really love you all.