Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Revamped: Las Vegas PT2 The Neon Museum/ Bone Yard

Last Month VGS had the pleasure of working in Las Vegas. I had such amazing time working with Darla Lush, Michelle Larae, and Michelle Gutierrez  at this truly unique location. The Neon Museum/Boneyard is where all the old signs of the strip are donated. It has been under construction and not open to public until October 27th. It really has a old Las Vegas feel and the colors are amazing.. It was a long time dream to photograph there even before I was doing vintage/ pin-up photography.
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  1. "There should be pictures of food in the dining room and landscape in the living room," says my daughter, who is just starting her interior design course at our local university. So I asked her to browse to on the computer.
    There she can choose good canvas prints to be made from a vast choice of Western art and she picked this one of fish by Braque, for the dining room.