Saturday, August 13, 2011

Newport Vintage Dance Week 2011

VGS had the pleasure of working with The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers again for this year's Newport Vintage Dance Week. This year I had attended the 1890s Ball at The Roger William's Casino.

The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers
were founded in 1983 by Patri J. Pugliese and Hannah Roberts Artuso. The troupe’s current directors, Hannah Roberts Artuso and Barbara M. Pugliese, are based in Melrose and Medford, Massachusetts; the group’s approximately sixteen active members live throughout the Boston area. They rehearse weekly, on Sunday evenings, in Waltham, MA.

Their core repertoire includes three distinct periods:

  • mid-19th century (The Civil War Era, 1860s)
  • late-19th century ( La Belle Epoque, 1890s)
  • and Ragtime (The Titanic/World War I Era, 1910s)
Occasionally the group also performs dances of the Regency Era and 1920s. Our costuming is usually evening dress of the appropriate era or 1890s Summer day wear, perfect for garden parties and teas.

The group performs several times a year for various groups and organizations, at a variety of venues. In addition to performances, each year we host several public events. The most common types of events we sponsor are: dance classes, 1890's Balls, Civil War era balls, including the Returning Heroes Ball in Late Winter, and Ragtime Balls.

I look forward to seeing them again for
Titanic Weekend
April 13-15, 2012

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